Note: Copies of unofficial transcripts are available. Where numerical grades were given letter grades have been provided according to official transcript key guidelines.

PhD. in Philosophy
New School for Social Research


GPHI 6030 Kant’s Critique of Judgment                                                                                  A-

GPHI 6039 French Reading Group                                                                                             Pass

GPHI 6516 Introductory Proseminar                                                                                        Pass

GPHI 6531 Critical Theory 2: Habermas & Beyond                                                              A

GPHI 6084 Concept of Theological Political                                                                            A

GPHI 6609 The Visibility of Painting                                                                                          A


GPHI 6091 American Pragmatism                                                                                              A

GPHI 6095 Aesthetics of Modernity                                                                                         A

GPHI 6039 French Reading Group                                                                                          Pass

GPHI 6619 Adorno                                                                                                                           A-


GPHI 6104 Plato’s Republic                                                                                                           A

GPHI 6555 Hobbes’ Leviathan                                                                                                     A

GPHI 6106 Continental Philosophy & Neuroscience                                                          A

Language Examination (French)                                                                                               Pass

“M.A.” Oral Examination                                                                                                               Pass


GPHI 6548 Prospectus Seminar  (Full year)                                                                          Pass

PhD Oral Examination                                                                                                                    Pass


PhD Written Examination                                                                                                             Pass


Language Examination (German)                                                                                              Pass


Dissertation Defense (June 10, 2016)


Master of Fine Art (MFA). Sub-discipline: Mixed Media
University of Calgary


ART 601 History Of Art I                                                                                                                  A

ART 661.01 Advanced Studio Practice I                                                                                    A

ART 699.01A Graduate Seminar I                                                                                                A

ART 605.13 Individual Study – Studio                                                                                        A

ART 661.02 Advanced Studio Practice II                                                                                  A

ART 691.02 Post-Secondary Art Instruction II                                                                       A


ART 699.02B Graduate Seminar II                                                                                              A+

Oral Examination                                                                                                                              PASS

M.Phil in Humanities
Memorial University of Newfoundland


HUMN 6000 02 Speaking And Writing I                                                                                   80 (A-)

HUMN 6010 02 Readings In History I                                                                                        80 (A-)

HUMN 6001 02 Speaking And Writing II                                                                                  90 (A)

HUMN 6020 02 Readings West Literature I                                                                            80 (A-)

HUMN 6030 02 Readings In Philosophy I                                                                                85 (A)

HUMN 6040 02 Readings/Science & Technology                                                                 80 (A-)


HUMN 6011 02 Readings In History II                                                                                       85 (A)

HUMN 6021 02 Readings West Lit II                                                                                          82 (A-)

HUMN 6031 02 Readings Philosophy II                                                                                    90 (A)

HUMN 6041 02 Seminar In Humanities                                                                                   90 (A)

HUMN 9991 02 Comprehensive Exam-Humanities                                                            PASS


MA in Philosophy
Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario)


PHIL 811 Topics In Philosophical Psychology .                                                                       88 (A)

PHIL 859 Philosophy Of Language Issues                                                                                83 (A-)

PHIL 872 Wittgenstein II                                                                                                                 82 (A-)

PHIL 990 Philosophical Methods                                                                                                83 (A-)

PHIL 878 Nietzsche                                                                                                                          87 (A)

PHIL 888 Pragmatism                                                                                                                      85 (A)

PHIL 899 Philosophy Master’s Thesis                                                                                       PASS


BA (Hon). Philosophy, Minor in English Literature (Creative Writing Concentration)
University of Calgary

Note: Even numbered courses are two-semester (6 credits), odd-numbered are one semester (3 credits).


COLT 201 Literary Masterpieces of the Western World I                                                    A-

ENGL 200A English Literature:  Chaucer To Present                                                           B+

LATI 201 Beginners’ Latin                                                                                                              B-

PHIL 201 Problems Of Philosophy                                                                                             A

PSYC 205 Principles Of Psychology                                                                                            W (Withdrawn)

ART 203 Western Art: Proto-Renaissance To Modernity                                                   B+

COLT 203 Literary Masterpieces of the Western World II                                                   A-

COLT 305 The Modern European Novel                                                                                   B+

PHIL 249 Ethics                                                                                                                                  A-

DRAM 360 Developmental Drama I                                                                                           A-

DRAM 380 Introduction To The Cinema                                                                                  B


ENGL 364A Poetry Writing I                                                                                                          A-

PHIL 303 The Medieval & Renaissance Period                                                                      A

PHIL 315 Philosophy In Literature                                                                                              A

PHIL 321 Metaphysics                                                                                                                     A

POLI 310A History Of Political Thought                                                                                    A

PHIL 305 The 17th And 18th Centuries                                                                                    B+

PHIL 349 Contemporary Ethical Theories                                                                                A-

PHIL 411 A Rationalist Author (Descartes)                                                                             A-


ENGL 494A Poetry Writing II 0.00 MT                                                                                         A

PHIL 307 Analytical Philosophy                                                                                                   A

PHIL 363 Epistemology                                                                                                                   A

PHIL 595.74 Personal Identity                                                                                                     A

ENGL 301 Intro To Contemporary Theoretical Practices                                                   A-

PHIL 331 Philosophy Of Religion                                                                                                 A

PHIL 377 Elementary Formal Logic                                                                                             A

PHIL 407 20th Century Analytic Philosophy (Wittgenstein)                                              A


ASTR 205 The Modern Universe                                                                                                  B

ENGL 598.02A Poetry III                                                                                                                   A

PHIL 379 Logic II (Fall)                                                                                                                    W (Withdrawn)

PHIL 595.83 Resurrection & The Soul                                                                                       A

CPSC 203 Introduction To Computers                                                                                      B+

PHIL 379 Logic II (Winter)                                                                                                              A-

PHIL 467 Problems in Philosophy of Science                                                                        A-

PHIL 590B Honours Thesis                                                                                                            A