Sample Syllabi

The following syllabi are samples of some of the courses I am interested in teaching. Several of them can be altered to suit different student levels by changing the quantity and difficulty of readings and the assessment methods. They can also be modified depending on whether or not students are drawn primarily from philosophy, art and design, or general liberal arts backgrounds. Nevertheless, I have tried to loosely arrange them by level.

Introductory (First Year)

Why be Good? An Introduction to Moral Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy: What is there, how do we know, and what should we do about it?

How to Look at Images: An Introduction to Visual Culture

Applied Ethics

Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

Intermediate (2nd to 3rd year)

Technology and Society

Philosophical Aesthetics

Seven Central Thinkers of Early Modern Philosophy

Race and Racisms

Looking at Television: Contemporary Social Issues

Philosophy of Religion

Intermediate to Advanced (3rd to 4th year)

Art and Society: Authenticity, Critique and Complicity

Multiculturalism and its Critics

Everyday Aesthetics

The Flipside of Enlightenment

Feminist Aesthetics and Art Practices

J.G. Herder