Fading Portraits

(A description of what is going on in these works will follow shortly…)

Mexican Protester Nov. 2014
Surfer Detail
Fukishima Surfer May 2016
Turkish Protester July 2016
Greek Pensioner, June 2015
Rohingya Refugee Sept. 2017
Child at March, Nov. 2015
Liberian Gravedigger Oct. 2014

Image Details and Credits:

Each image is 30cm square, composed of acrylic UV gloss varnish on paper. Note that these images have been slightly enhanced to make the figure more visible.

Mexican Protester = Anonymous woman participating in protest in support of an investigation into the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico City, November 8th, 2014. From photograph by unnamed photographer for the AFP.

Liberian Gravedigger = Joseph Kossiah, gravedigger during the 2014 Ebola crisis in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Based on photograph by Will Wintercross for The Daily Telegraph. No date provided, likely October 2014

Child at March = Anonymous Child at Stop Mass Incarcerations Network March on the one year anniversary of Tamir Rice’s death. From photograph by Andy Katz for the Associated Press, November 2015

Greek Pensioner = Giorgos, 77-year-old pensioner in Athens during economic collapse. Based on photograph by Yannis Behrakis for Reuters, June 2015

Rohingya Refugee = Kalimullah, Refugee from Myanmar violence displaying wound from alleged Burmese military attack, Teknaf, Bangladesh, Sept. 3rd 2017. From photo by Probal Rashid for Getty Images

Fukoshima Surfer = Anonymous Japanese Surfer, Tairatoyoma Beach, near Fukoshima, Japan, May 2016. From Photograph by Eric Lafforgue for Getty Images

Turkish Protester = Anonymous Young Woman at Turkish Pro-Government Rally, Saturday July 16th 2016. From photograph by Emrah Gurel for The Associated Press.