Ph.D. in Philosophy,  2016
New School for Social Research, 3.9 GPA
Thesis title: Beautiful Confusion: Early Modern
Aesthetics and Everyday Life.

M.F.A. in Mixed Media, 2004
University of Calgary, 4.0 GPA.
Thesis title: Am I an Encyclopedia?

M Phil. in Humanities, 2002
Memorial University of Newfoundland, 4.0 GPA
Thesis title: Surviving Postmodernism.

M.A. in Philosophy , 1999
Queens University, 4.0 GPA
Thesis title: Signifying Selfhood; From Descartes to Dawkins and Beyond.

B.A. 1st Cl. Hon. in Philosophy, Minor in Creative writing, 1998
University of Calgary, 3.77 GPA, 3.98 in philosophy
Thesis Title: Survival and Identity.

Research and Teaching Interests

Specialization: Early Modern Philosophy, Aesthetics (both contemporary and historical), Contemporary Art, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Language, J.G. Herder.

Competencies and Interests: Critical Theory, philosophy of science (particularly issues of the “scientific revolution”), Kant, modernity/post-modernity, pragmatism, tourism, political philosophy, dreaming, the imagination, subjectivity and inter-subjectivity.


Relevant Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Parsons Paris                                                                           Sep. 2015 – June 2016
Taught both “Integrated Seminar I and II”. Description below.

Lecturer, Parsons – The New School for Design, New York                Sep. 2013 – Dec. 2013
Taught “Integrated Seminar I” (ESL section), as described below.

Lecturer, York College, City University of New York                            Sep. 2012 – Dec. 2013
Taught multiple sections of “Introduction to Philosophy” and “Western Civilization” (descriptions below).

Lecturer, Queensborough CC, City University of New York                Sep. 2012 – Dec. 2012
Taught two sections of “Introduction to Philosophy”, as described below.

Instructor, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary                       Sep.  2004 – Jan. 2006
Taught within the Departments of First Year Studies, Painting and Continuing Education. Courses included “Drawing I”, “Painting I”, “Design Fundamentals” and “Gallery Hopping: An Introduction to Contemporary Art”.

Teaching Assistant, University of Calgary                                              Jan. 2003 – May 2003
Assisted with second year painting course in the Department of Fine Art. Responsibilities included marking of undergraduate work, and weekly tutoring and mentoring.

Teaching Assistant, Queen’s University.                                                Sep. 1998 – May 1999
Assisted with teaching two courses in the Department of Philosophy. Responsibilities included marking of undergraduate papers and weekly lectures/tutorials in support of course material.

Courses Taught:

Integrated Seminar I and II (Parsons NYC, Paris)

These seminar courses provide central skills necessary for academic work in the liberal arts and are taught in conjunction with an introductory studio course. The goal is to integrate the seminar-based skills of research, critical reading, thinking, and writing with the creative practices developed in the studio. Readings and research projects span a range of issues in the humanities, and gradually provide the student with increasing research independence. The final project involves a complete research paper on a topic of the student’s own choosing.

Introduction to Philosophy (York College, Queensborough CC)

The goal of this course is to provide students from all backgrounds with a survey of the core questions of philosophy: “What is there?” (Ontology), “How do we know?” (Epistemology),  and “What should we do about it?” (Ethics and Politics). Drawing on both classical and contemporary sources, students are taught how to construct sound arguments and are introduced to the central thinkers in the Western tradition.

Western Civilization (York College)

A broad survey course combining material from the historical, scientific, literary and religious texts of the Western tradition, including: The book of Genesis, The Book of Job, Homer, The Gospel of Mark, St. Augustine, Dante, Luther, Shakespeare, Newton, Kant, Locke, Freud and Einstein.

Drawing 1 & Painting 1 (Alberta College of Art and Design)

These are two courses designed to introduce students to the basics of both representational and abstract drawing and painting. While primarily based on experimental studio activity, readings, discussion, and short historical lectures are also included.

Gallery Hopping: An Introduction to Contemporary Art (ACAD)

Designed primarily for mature returning students, this course involves developing a familiarity with key themes and issues in contemporary art by actively visiting galleries, studios, and artist-run spaces throughout the city.


Other Relevant Work Experience:

Director, Projective City Contemporary Art (NYC, Paris)                        Feb. 2011 – Current

Projective City is an experimental, project-based, modular visual art organization with the general goal of promoting emerging artists and experimenting with the institution as an artistic producer. As director, I have created multiple pop-up exhibitions in unused storefronts in Paris and collaborated with Mixed Greens gallery in New York for a three year project of shoebox exhibitions, among other activities. (

Director, NURTUREart Gallery, New York                                               Jan. 2007 – Jan. 2011

NUTUREart is an artist-run not-for-profit gallery in Brooklyn. During my directorship, we developed an online artist registry, hosted dozens of exhibitions by emerging curators, and greatly expanded our operating capacity. In one year I doubled the organization’s operating budget through targeted grant-writing. Additionally, I curated the multi-venue exhibition The Bushwick Biennial, which helped to solidify the gallery’s place in the emergent arts scene of the area.  I supervised a staff of interns, and, through effective fundraising, was eventually was able to hire two additional staff members. (

Grants Manager, Momenta Art, New York                                                          Feb. 2006 – Jan. 2007

Responsibilities include researching and writing federal and foundation grants, maintaining correspondence with funding organizations, maintaining grants calendar, organizing the annual fundraising event and related development tasks. (

Director, Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s Newfoundland   2000 – Aug. 2002

Eastern Edge is an artist-run gallery in St. John’s, Newfoundland. My responsibilities included grant writing, accounting, publicity, fundraising, mentoring, web-design, budgeting, implementing board decisions, newsletter-writing, and general administration. Additionally I designed, funded and taught a class on new media technology for artists. (

Professional Services

Jury member for the Center for Book Arts Residency                                                     June, 2010

New York Foundation for the Arts “Doctor’s Hours” consultant               Feb. 2009, Mar. 2010

Jury member for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Residencies               October 2009

NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Cultural Development Fund Jury Panel        June, 2009

New York Foundation for the Arts MARK program consultant.                                    June 2008

Board of Directors, The New Gallery. Calgary, Alberta                                                     2004-2006

Board of Directors, Eastern Edge Gallery                                                                                          2000

Publications and Conference Papers

  • “Towards an Aesthetics of Boredom,” Journal of Contemporary Aesthetics, (in preparation).
  • “Beginning with Boredom: Jean-Baptiste Du Bos’s Approach to the Arts” Presented at the 2017 European Society for Aesthetics conference in Berlin, in preparation for Estetika, The Central European Journal of Philosophy, 2017
  • “Fate is Flexible: The Politics of Destiny in The Man in the High Castle.” The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy, Open Court Publishing, July 2017
  • Book Review: “The Aesthetics of Design.” American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal (ASAGE), August, 2016
  • The Triumph of Design (thinking).” Public Seminar, 2015.
  • Postcard from France” (A response to the terrorist attack of Jan. 7). Public Seminar, 2015.
  • Emerging Artists and the New Spirit of Capitalism.Public Seminar, Nov. 2014. (Web)
  • Brolab: Some Work Until Now (Catalog of art collective Brolab). Co-Editor, with J. Goodman. New York: Bronx Museum, 2013
  • Letter From Paris: ‘Intense Proximity’ and the Question of Audience”, Idiom (, May 2012
  • Cottage Pornography: The Charming Enigma of Thomas Kinkade”, Idiom (, April 2012.
  • Letter from Paris: The Contemporary Circus and the Couch Fort”, Idiom (, Feb. 2012
  • “The Role of Art in the New Spirit of Capitalism: Contemporary Art and Critical Theory”. Presented at Art, Ethics and Democracy Conference, West Chester University, Jan. 2010
  • “Welcome to No-Place”, Catalog essay for the exhibition The Bushwick Biennial, published by NurtureArt Non-Profit, Jul. 2009
  • “Five Problems for Interdisciplinary Research and Practice”, in David Cecchetto, Nancy Cuthbert, Julie Lassonde and Dylan Robinson (eds.) Collision: Interarts Practice and Research, Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008
  • “Performing Theory”, With performance research group “theybreakinpieces”, Improvisation Continuums: A Cross Disciplinary Conference of Improvisation, Cardiff, Wales, April 2007
  • “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Interdisciplinarity: Five Problems for Interdisciplinary Research and Practice”, Convergence Interdisciplinary Symposium II, University of Victoria, Sept. 2006
  • “Airy Stories Journey On: Tom Phillips, Laurie Anderson and the Contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk”, Convergence Interdisciplinary Symposium, University of Victoria, Sept. 2005
  • Guest on Plenary Panel: Alignment: Free Exchange Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, hosted by the University of Calgary Department of English, March 2005
  • “The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction”, Networks: An Interdisciplinary Conference On New Media Arts, Resource Center for the Arts, St. John’s, Newfoundland, 2002
  • “Signifying Selfhood”, Public Lectures in Philosophy series, Memorial University Philosophy Dept., St. John’s, Newfoundland 2000
  • “Embodying BP” (a collaborative work), H on the Horizon (Academic conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of poet and pataphysician BP Nichol’s death), Emily Carr School of Fine Art, 1999

Selected Exhibition History (Artist)

  • Talking Bloc_s, #Hashtag Gallery, Toronto. Curated by Brianna MacGillivray, January 2013
  • Louise J. Berg: The Reenchantment of Disenchantment Bay, ParisScope Gallery, Mixed Greens, NYC, 2012 (“Louise J. Berg” is a collaboration with James Reeder)
  • PERIPHERAL Visions, Sarah Bowen Gallery, New York, March, 2007 (Solo)
  • Show Your ID, HQ Gallery, New York, October 2007. Curated by Jackson McDade
  • Art as Anecdote, Brooklyn Arts Council Gallery, New York. Curated by Sarah Schmerler, February 2007
  • The Momenta Benefit Show, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, April 2006
  • Summer Show, Deborah Herringer Kiss, Calgary, July 2006
  • Thrift Store Paintings, Image 54 Gallery, Calgary, November 2005 (Solo)
  • Television, Untitled Art Society Gallery, Calgary, October, 2005 (Solo)
  • ACAD Faculty Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, June 2005
  • Am I an Encyclopedia?, Nickel Arts Museum (MFA Graduate Exhibition), August 2004
  • The Creation Myth, Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s. Curated by Gabrielle Kemp, 2001
  • Retrograde Motion, Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s, NF. Two-person show with Peter Drysdale. Nov. 2001
  • The Pegasus Project, RCA Visual Gallery, St. John’s, NF. February 2001 (Solo)
  • A Partial History of the S-Relation, Rogue Gallery, St. John’s, Feb. 2000 (Solo)

Selected Exhibition History (Curator)

  • Sophie Ramos: an equilibrium in which everything is kept in motion…, ParisScope Gallery, New York. September 2015
  • Rahul Alexander: Mirror Lake, ParisScope Gallery, New York. June 2015
  • Q. Nelson: Obstacle Course, ParisScope Gallery, New York. March 2015
  • Laetitia Soulier: Fractal Architectures, ParisScope Gallery, New York. January 2015
  • Scott Hazard: Silent Geography, ParisScope Gallery, New York. November 2014
  • Mike Estabrook: The Lair of the Phantom Dandy, ParisScope Gallery, New York. September 2014
  • Sandra Aubry and Sébastien Bourg: I Like America and America Likes Me, ParisScope Gallery, New York. May 2014
  • Susan Graham: Spiral Landscape ParisScope Gallery, New York. March 2014
  • Brice Brown: I Looked Down, I Realized I Had a Body, ParisScope Gallery, New York. January 2014
  • Travis Leroy Southworth: A Fancy Machine is the Perfect Centerpiece, ParisScope Gallery, New York. November 2013
  • Sookoon Ang: Your Love is Like a Chunk of Gold, ParisScope Gallery, New York. April 2013
  • Stacey Watson: The Long Exchange, ParisScope Gallery, New York. February 2013
  • Louise J. Berg: The Reenchantment of Disenchantment Bay, ParisScope Gallery, New York. November 2012.
  • Benoit Pype: La Grande Travaille, ParisScope Gallery, New York. September 2012
  • Audrey Hasen Russell: See Rock City, ParisScope Gallery, New York. June 2012
  • Second Nature, Projective City, Paris. June 2012 (with Fabienne Saqué)
  • James Reeder: The Mountain, ParisScope Gallery, New York. March 2012
  • Smaller New York #2: Jo Q. Nelson, 22,48m2 Gallery, Paris. November 2011
  • Revision Peripherique, Projective City Gallery, Paris. November 2011
  • Smaller New York #1: Jonathan Brand, Galerie de Roussan, Paris. October 2011
  • Les Voyages des Onironautes, Projective City, Paris. October 2011
  • Gerard Soulhiol: Vanites, Projective City, Paris. September 2011
  • If Lightning Fell on Low Places, Projective City, Paris. April 2011
  • The Bushwick Biennial, Nurture Art, Brooklyn. June 2009

Achievements and Awards

  • Gurwitsch Scholarship, New School for Social Research 2015
  • Tuition Scholarship, New School for Social Research 2007-2015
  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant 2006
  • Alberta Heritage Grant (Advanced Scholarship during MFA) 2004
  • Province of Alberta Graduate Scholarship 2003
  • University of Calgary Graduate Scholarship 2003
  • University of Calgary Graduate Fellowship 2002
  • Named “Fellow of the School of Graduate Studies”, Memorial University 2002
  • Coastal Inquiries Exchange Fellowship (for research in Denmark) 2002
  • Newtel Cultural Innovations Fund grant 2001
  • Newtel Cultural Innovations Fund grant 2000
  • Canada Council Spoken and Electronic Word grant 2000
  • Newtel Cultural Innovations Fund grant 2000
  • Queen’s Graduate Fellowship 1998-99
  • Finalist for Rhodes Scholarship 1997-1998
  • Louise McKinney Undergraduate Scholarship 1997-1998


English: Native speaker

French: Intermediate ability to speak and comprehend

German: Basic ability to translate texts